Waterproof Flooring

What are the types of waterproof flooring available?

At Wholesale Flooring Services, we can show you a few options for waterproof flooring material. As you can imagine, waterproof floors are the best protection for your home from water damage. But there are other factors to consider, such as visuals, functionality, and lifespan. Let’s look at some options.

Waterproof floors bring you peace of mind

There is nothing like the peace of mind from knowing that your house is protected from flood damage by waterproof flooring. It can go in your laundry room, kitchen, foyer, and basement. It can also go in your other rooms. If you have pets or children, the waterproof floor can alleviate any worries about accidental spills or messes.


Laminate is an initial option for you. It looks like wood or stone or tile, but it can fit in any décor. Laminate can handle moisture, humidity, and dampness. It has a quality appeal and stays current in fashion.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is a second option that you have where you get complete water protection. Vinyl is both functional and stunning. It comes in plank or tile with the designs of wood, stone, tile, or brick. The imaging is so good that, at first glance, you'll think you were looking at the real thing. Vinyl comes in various sizes, shapes, and formats. You can get a thicker vinyl which adds life to the floor. It is easy to install and maintain. Once the installers are done, you can walk on it without delay.


Impervious tile is your third option. It is a specific tile that is entirely immune to water. It won't absorb it at all, similar to the tile in your bathroom. It can go in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, living room to give you an idea. Tile flooring has a distinct look about it that makes it very charming.

At Wholesale Flooring Services, we want you to be aware of your waterproof flooring options. We have a showroom in Kent, WA. We serve Des Moines, Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Auburn, Kirkland, Renton, Bonney Lake, and Puyallup. We understand how vital waterproof floors can be, so we want you to have the best selection available for your home. Call us today! So be sure to speak to one of our staff about your needs.