What to know about water-resistant and waterproof flooring

What to know about water-resistant and waterproof flooring

Both repel water, but they aren't interchangeable words. There are some essential differences.

When a floor is impenetrable

The liquid will not penetrate waterproof floors, whether a small spill or a major flood. There are no time limits.

We know someone who was away for months and returned to find a dishwasher flooded. So he wiped his floor, and it was OK to reuse.

The capability is built-in with these since the product is waterproof materials. No special coatings or other enhancements are needed to help it along.

When something is resistant to liquid, it can only stand up to small spills that are wiped up quickly.

Why waterproof floors are more durable

They won't deteriorate when exposed to liquid. Wipe it dry, and it's reusable.

When water-resistant floors break through the barrier, they stain, peel and ripple. The edges curl, and the shape becomes distorted.

What are WPC and SPC cores?

Cores are critical. Once they're damaged, the entire surface must be replaced.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC) are two technologically advanced cores that never peel or ripple.

Examples of waterproof flooring options

1. Luxury vinyl: Stylish and affordable, this comes with countless other benefits. It has an impenetrable vinyl core.

2. Waterproof (vinyl) flooring: Luxury vinyl engineered to be even thicker, more durable, and constructed with the WPC or SPC cores.

3. Rigid core vinyl: Engineered luxury vinyl plank with the WPC and SPC cores.

4. Waterproof laminate: This is built with a non-wood construction, making it suitable for any room in the house.

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